Review: The BlackBull Pub in St Julians


Jenni and I have been having a great time sampling the different restaurants around St Julians, and one of the first we visited was the Blackbull Pub in Paceville. It is literally steps from our hotel and has this huge covered, but open and filled with warming lamps. The place has recently been refurbished outside, so there is a lovely look to the exterior of the building. It’s all dark wood, padded seats and quite comfortable.┬áThere is a really lovely vibe here when it’s filled up in the evenings. The only real downside to the location though, is that due to the open patio and leading with no barriers into the main restaurant, if you’re a non smoker there is literally no way to get away from the smell.

So what about the food? The food is good, we had no real complaints about it. It wasn’t the best we ever had but it was brought out quickly, it was clearly freshly made and the plates/cutlery were very clean and well polished. The salad (and we found this in most restaurants in Malta, so it may be customary there) was more cheese and dressing than it was lettuce/toppings, which was a bit of a let down. But the chicken was really very well seasoned and cooked, and generous amount on the salad.

I had a chicken lasagna, which was great and a massive portion. We had enough to bring home for a second portion the next day at lunch. The let down for me was the drinks. We ordered cocktails, and they looked beautiful but were much stronger than they should be. But as far as downsides go it’s not a big one!

Overall, good night. Would go again.

Check out their facebook, trip advisor and website here.


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