Review: Ryan’s Irish Pub in St Julians


When we first ventured into Spinola Bay area we weren’t really sure what to look at, there are a lot of restaurants and bars. So where do you start? Ryan’s seemed intriguing since it’s at the top of the hill. Since it’s slightly set apart, when we went up there to look around we weren’t expecting it to be as busy as it was. Every time we go by there it’s busy and filled with lots of people having a good time. Normally we don’t like packed places, but it looked fun, so we went in.


Busy Times In Their Marketing… Really like this in person!

There were people playing music (quite good though I didn’t catch the name) and people dancing. The place was so packed that you could barely move and as the evening went on it got busier, to the point it was overflowing on to the street. We absolutely loved the fact that it was a great mix of locals and tourists. The drinks were affordable and people kept telling us about the burgers. It was late and the kitchen had already closed so we would have to go back another time.

The night I am talking about was actually St Patrick’s Day and the celebrations were out of the world. I’ve never seen a pub spill out onto the street, down a hill and onto a main road before and still not turn into something ridiculous. But this did, and everyone was having such an amazing time. The staff were lovely and introduced us to Cisk for the first time. Cisk is the local beer and if you order a beer without specifying in Malta, this is what you’re getting. Given that we were feeling a little home sick, missing the celebrations we normally have with friends on this day, going to a large gathering where even if you didn’t know people they were friendly and having fun, really was a fantastic night in Malta.

So in short, if you’re looking for an amazing crowd, vibe, photos of your night, and some good dancing/partying, check out Ryan’s it’s awesome.

We came back on another occasion to try the burgers we kept hearing about from locals and they really are amazing. So when in Malta, go to Ryan’s, order a burger and have a pint of Cisk, you won’t regret it.

If you want to find out what’s going on at Ryan’s, check out their facebook, and tripadvisor for reviews.

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