Review: Facefood in St Julian’s Malta

2014-03-07 19.28.58

When we first got to Malta we didn’t really know the area, it was dark and after midnight and we were starving. The hotel bar/restaurant had long since closed and we were wondering what to eat. Since we didn’t know the area we didn’t explore really much further than the first place we saw when coming out of the hotel. It was called Facefood and we thought that the name was cute. When we went to get food, the guy, despite being the most English speaking area of the country proceeded to refuse to speak to us in English. He had English signs, spoke English, but refused to complete our order unless we pointed at what we wanted. We were irritated about the behaviour but then it got worse. Another couple, locals walked up and were waiting to order while we’re trying to mime out what we want to the guy. We’ve just been on a 3.5 hour flight, it’s late and we wanted something to eat it shouldn’t have been this hard.

The couple proceeded to help us and said to the guy in Maltese what we were after. Then proceeded one of the weirder experiences of our time here so far. The man we had politely tried to order some fast food from and worked with despite his stubbornness began ranting about foreigners to the other couple. We were a bit stunned since we hadn’t done anything offensive and if you aren’t looking to deal with foreigners then it may not be the best place to open a take away restaurant… in the biggest tourist area of the island.

In most circumstances I understand complaining about obnoxious drunk tourists. But we were polite, tipped, and didn’t have a drink in us. So the 10 minute long rant he had at the other Maltese people was a bit stunning. The man who had been helpful to us apologized when the shop owner stepped away, said he wasn’t part of it. But we were stunned. The food was poor quality as well, so definitely not worth the poor treatment. I’d rather walk the extra 30 steps to the Burger King down the road, at least they’re pleasant.

The shop provides burgers and falafels with minimal toppings out of the shop front featured below. I wouldn’t say the food is horrible, but the service is horrendous.

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