Public Transport in Malta


Malta Bus Fares Guide

Since we’ve been in Malta we’ve been predominantly using public transport to get around. Malta has a very affordable public transport system, which only costs 1.50 a day for the entire island. There have been a lot of upgrades in the last several years, and many of the buses have been replaced with newer ones which thankfully, are a lot more reliable than the older ones.

If you regularly use the transit system you can get deals on the prices. You can buy daily and weekly passes from the bus driver on any of the bus routes,  as well as 30 and 90 day passes (but only if you have a residence card or LTR in Malta). These can only be bought using a savercard, which is free to get.

Download the SaverCard form here 

When you’ve filled out the form, you take it to the main Valetta bus terminal, where they will issue you your savercard. This will allow you to save and also not have to worry about keeping track of the different tickets all of the time, as it’s a single rechargable card.


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