Paceville History and Sights in Malta


Paceville area highlighted on map

We had a bit of curiosity about the area known as Paceville in St Julian’s, Malta, so we decided to do some looking into it. The wikipedia entry had very little to say other than the very basics of history. So we did a little more digging to find out more to fill people in who were curious!

Paceville is a name the locals have given the area, and is pronounced Pa-che-ville. It is generally known as the tourist hotspot of the island, as well as a place for all the local party people to go. There are many bars, restaurants and hotels along the strip of the city and always a thriving nightlife. As soon as the sun drops you can hear the music go louder and the bass resonates. If you’re staying in one of the local cheaper apartments and hotels, be prepared to be listening to club beats well into the morning every day. If you’re not prepared for that, I’d suggest looking a little further into St Julian’s for a hotel.

According to sources, the area was originally a farming community which gradually began redeveloping in the 1960’s with the Sheraton hotel opening on the Dragonara Peninsula. Soon the Hilton followed (it really is a beautiful hotel) and now with two five star resorts in the area, there was a lot going on. In the 1990’s it got a real boom in terms of development with the introduction of the casino at the Dragonara Point by the Westin. This is now the area of the iconic hotel you see in most people’s photos of the area, and is absolutely stunning. But remember to wear your nice dress wear if you’re going to the casino. No dress clothes and you won’t get in.

There is the Bay Center located just at the end of the street of bars/pubs/clubs, which has free wi-fi and a lot of shops if you’re looking for something to do other than partying. It also includes a gym and movie theatre. Personally, I have to warn you that if you’re from North America or the UK, you’re going to find the movie theatres well behind the times. That being said, it’s still a fun thing to do.

There are a lot of people out partying, and when we first arrived, as a person who isn’t big into drinking and clubbing I found that I thought negatively. But the nightlife is so vibrant and there are many options other than getting completely drunk while in this area. However, the Maltese really know how to party. The clubs are so much fun, and it is the predominant way that people meet people we’ve been told by all of our Maltese colleagues. So if you’re new to the island, please don’t look at the younger people there and judge it negatively. The entire area can be an absolute blast and there is something so freeing about just letting loose and having a bit of fun partying every once and a while.

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