Hello There!


The blog is finally live, your eyes do not deceive you! I am guessing that these things will change many times before the final design and format is chosen, but for now at least it is live.

Kai and I have been talking about starting a blog since we first started travelling together, but neither of us really got up and started posting. I guess you’d call it laziness haha. But now that we’ve made a move that we think might be permanent we wanted to do something so our friends and family could follow our adventures. It seems like a good idea, especially while we are getting settled here and learning the ropes.

We’re also hoping that all of our takes on the local area will help us give a unique insight to others looking to visit and live here. We bring to the table an expatriate take on the country, as well as learning to live like locals. This may lead to amusing adventures and revelations and might also help others along the way.

To give you a bit of background about us – I’m Jenni and I’m Canadian. Where I am from, on the east coast of North America, we experience 4 strong seasons, all with their own extremes. I am used to very cold and snowy winters, extremely hot summers and everything in between, so this might be a bit of an adjustment for me. Then there’s Kai, he’s from England and has always enjoyed the grey and rainy weather that provided. He thinks heat is anything over 20 degrees… and anything below 0 is very cold! The heat even in March is 9 degrees, which if you consider we just came from Canada where it was -52 c, colder than the surface of Mars because of a polar vortex and ice storm, this feels positively balmy to us at the moment!

Below are some of the things we’ve seen in the 24 hours since we arrived. When we got here it was midnight and we didn’t know what to expect in the morning. This is the view from our hotel room. Isn’t it gorgeous?




This is a one of the bays close to us, filled with people swimming in the gorgeous waters. Cannot wait to get in!


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