Grocery Shopping in Malta


If you’re from somewhere outside of Malta you may be a bit worried about where to buy your groceries, whether it’ll be very different from what you’re used to. But some good news is to be had. There aren’t a lot of differences from where you’re from, especially if you’re from elsewhere in Europe. The opening hours can be a bit difficult to get used to here though, due to siestas in the middle of the day and closure of everything on Sundays. So make sure you plan your shopping!

If you’re in the Sliema/St Julian’s area, there are a lot of fruit/veggie trucks, and they’re all fresh from that day. The prices are decent and definitely something to take a look at. You may not find the biggest selection on them, but the food is fresh and often from the farmers plot of land just that morning which is a really cool thing that most people won’t be used to.

Tower Supermarket is a wonderful store to go to if you’re in the Sliema area, as it has 3 floors, all of the variety you could ask for and great opening hours. One of the wonderful things is the sales they have, usually if you spend over a certain amount you are going to end up getting free things or vouchers for money off. It’s great and the staff are very pleasant.

Lidl is available in Malta, much to everyone’s happiness as it’s a little bit of home! They’re not in the more tourist areas, so you may need to get a bus to one if you don’t have a car. That being said the Lidl in Malta are absolutely huge. So have a look at Lidl when you’re in Malta definitely.

Shopping online is actually a great option for grocery shopping here. It was a suggestion made to us by a lot of local Maltese people, given that you really only have Saturday to grocery shop if you’re working regular office hours. So the best site to go to is:

This has a group of local stores linked into it, including Tower I mentioned above and deliver right to your door in a window you set. It covers the entire island and is super convenient. Really can’t recommend it enough.

If you are looking for local vendors in a specific area, please have a look here, as there’s a huge compiled list from MaltaMaltaMalta.

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