Finding Ozone Cards in Malta

If you are new to Malta and staying in one of the hotels in St Julians that may be on a budget, you likely have experienced the pain that is Ozone Wi-fi. I really don’t have much in the way of positives to say about the service. The hotels sign agreements with Ozone to have their wifi hotspots set up within the confines of the hotel, and you can purchase cards at the front desk. I have never travelled somewhere that expected extra money to use the internet before, so this was a new experience. But it was not the worst part of the entire experience. The worst was realizing that if you purchased one from the front desk you were only getting an option of 6 euros a day (24 hours from time of activation) or 3 euros for 90 minutes. They were conveniently always out of theĀ better packages like 10 euros for 30 hours (that can be logged on and off so not used continuously, and 15 euros for 60 hours.

Obviously you need to find somewhere to get the better rates and cards. The predominant area to look in is St Julians.

The red dots all highlight small corner shops that advertise they have vodafone outside, some do show the ozone symbol outside but most do not. They all look like small shops, so you must ask the shopkeepers for the cards.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 20.38.11

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