Comic Book

Way back in 2011, Kai was in the UK, and playing a video game. He had no idea that such a common thing for him would lead him to finding the love of his life. Playing Call of Duty online, he stumbled across Jenni. While we would love to say it was love from the start, it really started with shouting at eachother in the game because one was great and the other kept dying. However, they kept in touch and started talking more and more. Over the Christmas holidays they spent the whole time chatting, even forgoing social functions just to talk. A few weeks later and Kai flew to Canada for the first time. The trip was amazing and Jenni, wanting to spend time with him so they could see if it was something real, flew to the UK on the same flight as him.

Since then, they haven’t been apart for more than a few days a time. Sounds incredibly cheesy, but sometimes love crosses borders!

Both had a bug for travel and wanted to experience the world before they grew too old, so they began travelling together. First through the UK, France, Canada, United States, Ireland, and then the place they call home – Malta. This was managed by the fact that they both work in technology and were able to work remotely from all over the world.

While the travel bug and itchy feet hasn’t left them, they now have a home base to operate from and enjoy their life in a sunny piece of paradise, hidden in the middle of the Mediterranean.